Rabu, 20 Januari 2016

Stylish Kid Apartment Designed Modernly for Small Family

Design of apartment that is made and modified special for small family can be made perfectly by applying stylish impression of kid apartment such that had been applied and reflected perfectly in a project of modern minimalist interior of Contemporary Child-Friendly Apartment for a Young Urban Family. This design idea had been developed and created perfectly.

Design of apartment in this project had been made in a stylish concept which small decoration style of minimalist apartment had been applied perfectly in this project. Design of soft and bright color design that is applied to design apartment interior actually will create a special impression of small apartment that is designed special for small family. Kid apartment design had been applied perfectly to create a comfortable and funny impression of apartment interior concept.

Style and design of living room space in this project had been made and decorated exotically. Exotic feature of wooden interior wall combined with black sofa design and black LED television will look more special in its application by adding simple style of red stool made in a tiny shape. In addition, design of wooden chair applied in a kitchen had been modified in a unique and comfortable style so it will make your child to be more interested with it.

Glossy white feature of dining furniture set applied in this project can also create a special impression of small interior apartment decoration. It will create a bright and clean impression for an apartment furniture style so it will make your family to bemore comfortable to live there. Design of bedroom space made in a colorful decoration actually will become small apartment designs applied to design bedroom to be more interested for children so they will be enjoy to live in together with their family member.

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